Milk Bulking, Cooling & Marketing

TDL is involved in the bulking, cooling & marketing of milk supplied to the plant by its share holders. The company has invested heavily in setting up collection centres fitted with state-of-the-art coolers so as to ensure that all the milk supplied to the plant is chilled in good time thereby reducing the possibility of spoilage to a bare minimum. The company also consolidates the milk supplied to our various plants & as such we are able to sell the bulked milk to major dairy industry players and as such we are able to get good returns for the farmer.


Tanykina Breeders Show

Tanykina launched a breeding programme during a breeders show which was done November


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Financial Services

TDL currently runs two village banks. The village banks, located in Kipkaren and Tamboche areas of the North Rift, focus on providing financial services that enable farmers to double their household dairy income through integrated intervention in dairy production, market access and knowledge application. Members of this financial services programme are now able to efficiently save their milk earnings and acquire loans so as to expand their individual and group businesses

The village banks also help small farmers in the area develop their own savings and credit organizations, identifying viable forms of coordination with the formal financial sector as well as facilitation of direct access to financial institutions by some small producers for medium and long term investment needs.

The village bank project is a partnership between TDL, K-Rep Development Agency and EADD to establish financial service associations as part of the Value Addition  services to its members.