Tanykina Dairies Ltd

Welcome all to Tanykina Dairies Limited online.We take this opportunity to welcome you to our online portal where we offer you up-to-date information on our operations and also offer our farmers valuable information for value addition purposes. We are also in the process of setting up an interactive database system that will enable our main client, the farmer, to view their supply & credit data. All this is in line with our company mantra "IMPROVES YOUR VALUE"

Tanykina dairy limited is a farmer-owned dairy company operating in the rich agricultural highlands of the North Rift. The company was registered in 2003 and began operations in july 2005.

From an initial dairy operational quantity of about 500 litres and a single collection centre, the company has grown through the ranks & currently has seven satellite milk collection centres, and processes about 30,000 litres each day, with a peak supply of 36,000 litres during the rainy season. As a company we are now in the process of positioning ourselves strategically with the goal of producing our own processed milk so as to ensure maximum returns for the farmer.

Recently the company expanded operations at a colorful ceremony presided over by the Minister of Livestock & Fisheries, Hon Abdi Kuti. Also in line with our mission of improving our farmers value, the company in line with other like-minded organisations has launched a community health plan, the Tanykina Community Health Plan (TCHP). TCHP is a health plan which is aimed at bringing affordable quality healthcare to the community.

Tanykina Dairies Limited also offers the following value addition services to farmers;

  1. Milk bulking, Cooling and Marketing
  2. Agro-vet services
  3. Veterinary and AI services
  4. Financial services (Village Bank)
  5. Medical Scheme
  6. Animal Feeds Processing